Being one of the leading Indian Pharma Exporters of the country, Export plays a significant role at HAB Pharmaceuticals Ltd. with our brand presence in more than 17 countries. Our exports comprise of 30% of total production every year. With the high ability and good reputation in the industry, we have carved a distinct identity as an exclusive representative of 10 veterinary pharmaceutical companies for export with strong distribution networks.

We export our products to the countries such as

Middle East Asia
South East Asia
East Africa
North Africa

Emerging as one of the most influential veterinary pharmaceutical exporting companies, in addition to exporting local medicines. We also re-export the products of reputable foreign companies to the countries of the Middle East.

We have established a strong marketing set-up that is supplemented by a wide distribution network in the major international markets. All the activities revolve around establishing stronger representativeness in the international markets.

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