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HAB Pharmaceuticals & Research Ltd

Is one of the covetable and trustworthy Indian Pharma manufacturers. Being backed by more than three decades of rich experience and expertise in the stream of manufacturing, we have successfully survived and thrived in the ever dynamic market. We have state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in the Northern and Western regions of India with an area of about 5 0,000 sq. ft. our entire gamut of facilitates are of the highest international standards with modern plants, machinery, and equipment and specialize in the manufacturing of Aerosol Spray, Beta-Lactam Tablets, and more.

Adhering to the changing dynamics of the market and marching ahead with the evolving technologies, we are on a constant enterprise to invest in building modern and high technology manufacturing facilities at both our plants in Mumbai and Dehradun duly complying with the WHO GMP regulations along with the compliances of the countries that we operate in.

We have four change room concepts, unidirectional flow of Men and Material movement and segregated de -humidified areas for manufacturing of the moisture-sensitive products. We use Stainless steel panels for in -sterile facility core areas plus the maintenance and servicing of the machinery are done from the top of a false ceiling without disturbing the manufacturing areas.
We have water facilities with the interlocking Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA), online conductivity, velocity monitoring, and power back-up. Our sterile facilities also have fully automated visual inspection techniques ensuring the safety of the products.
We have dedicated facilities to manufacture various dosage forms such as creams & ointments, injectables including ampoules & vials tablets, hard and soft gelatin capsules, orally disintegrating films, sachets, syrups & suspensions.

Right from the contamination and cross-contamination prevention through the physical and pressure barriers, the HVAC system that is designed with the Variable Frequency Drive (VFD), Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) with automatic data recording and the monitoring process control system such as air distribution, temperature, humidity, auto cleaning process, security by interlocking, intelligent access control, autoloading and unloading and Cleaning-In-Place(CIP) & sterilization in place (SIP); we leave no stone unturned in following the best, safest, and finest of manufacturing practices.

Vital Features

Our Manufacturing Plants in the cities of
Mumbai and Dehradun

Modern and Sophisticated Manufacturing Techniques


Captive Power Generation


Advanced and Dynamic Automation Systems


Pollution Control Equipment


In-House Testing Facilities


Instrumentation Laboratory

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