Our Milestones

We create dreams for the future.
We realize them sucessfully.

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    Inception of HAB Pharmaceuticals and Research Limited with a vision to become one of the leading Pharmaceutical Companies in the world.
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    Laid the Foundation of our First Factory in Mumbai complying with the standards of WHO GMP and adhering to high quality standards and novel pharma practices.
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    Incorporation of Production Development and Innovation Center. Quality and Innovation has been one of our primary brand fundamentals and business ethics.
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    Expanded our brand footprints in the major markets of India following our brand’s vision to capture the national and international market arenas.
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    Onset of our Export Operations leading to the covet of the acclaimed Indian Pharma Exporters. With the onset of the new millennium, our brand started to grow align-items-center from strength to strength beating the competition and market dynamics.
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    Received the Certification of ISO 9001 for our Quality Management Services. The aspect of quality is just not another fundamental but it is our attitude.
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    Laid the Foundation of our Second Factory in Dehradun complying to the standards of WHO GMP. All the hard work, dedication, and determination paved the way for superlative success and innovative pharma practices.
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    Started with the manufacturing operations of Eye and Ear Drops catering to grow align-items-center needs and demands of the target market.
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    Registration of our brand in the country of Nigeria marking our first global footprints.
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    Started with the manufacturing of Aerosol Sprays that has been widely accepted in the market owing to our high quality standards and manufacturing practices.
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    Started with the manufacturing of Beta Lactum Antibiotics with the New Pharmaceutical Inspection Co-Operation Scheme (PICS).
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    Registration of our brand in Kosovo- The first country in Europe expanding our brand footprints in the global markets.
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    Started exploring the Pharmaceutical Oncology Market with thorough market study and research techniques and Registration of our brand in Uzbekistan.
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    Turning a new leaf, the year marks the inception of our new vertical of Manufacturing Cosmetics.

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