Health & Safety

Our precautionary measures

We at HAB Pharmaceutical and Research Ltd are highly dedicated to attain excellence in Environment, Health and Safety measures and we strive to conduct our business operations in a more responsible manner.

We duly comply with all the applicable compliances, norms, regulations, and laws in the most ethical and authentic manner
Our manufacturing procedures are designed in such as fashion that it prevents injuries and other major health hazards
We provide adequate and safe working environment for all our stakeholders that include employees, vendors, agencies, and contractors amongst others
In all our business operations we try to conserve energy and reduce the wastages through the processes of reuse and recycling
We adopt the best EHS Management practices via effective and efficient communication and by providing vital training and development to the employees and contractors
We duly encourage our team of contractors and employees by setting up the system of reporting all the incidents that also includes near miss ones as well. We also encourage them to identify and report acts and conditions that are unsafe for business and correct it by taking suitable CAPA in time bound programs

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