We also keep a detailed eye and check if there have been any neglected interactions in between the process of manufacturing to the final delivery of the goods ensuring double safety and high-quality measures.

If a cosmetic enclosure is used, tests are undertaken to check if there is any of a mixture turn adsorbed upon plastic and if any plasticizers, lubricants, pigments or stabilizers leach out of a cosmetic into a preparation.

We make sure to check and test the quality of the adhesives for an enclosure tag as a part of our quality parameters.

We follow the best

Our Quality Control Standards

We thoroughly maintain astute quality checks and long-term stability all our manufactured goods right through their storage at our warehouses until the final delivery of the drugs. Each batch is processed through strict Quality Checks to maintain high standards in production output.


Check whether bio-therapeutic remains functionally active during the entire manufacturing process


In-process storage and handling conditions before making of a critical formula


Defined guidance for optimal storage conditions


Assessment of bio-comparability of a drug product before the shipment


Optimal labeling, batch coding, and critical information regularisation

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